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Cannabis can be more!

The CBD industry reaches the next level. Brands are ready to get a professional and luxurious appearance. And we are ready to help - directly from the source.


Seidel is based on nearly 180 years of expertise in metal forming and create premium packaging since the 1950s. Today we are the global market leader for aluminum design packaging. Brands like Chanel, Boss and YSL rely on our precision and immaculate packaging solutions. We are looking forward to offering you a solution for your products, too.


About Seidel:


  • founded in 1830 and still family owned
  • 100% German engineering
  • more than 400 million pieces per year
  • first tier supplier for e.g. Estée Lauder, L´Oreal, Coty, LVMH, Chanel and many more
  • advanced sustainability for material and production


We create solutions, that give you a competitive advantage on appearance and function. Besides, we have special features for the needs of the 420 businesses:


child resistance

A clever combination of beautifully decorated aluminum cap and plastic insert makes sure, that kids are not able to open the container.

smart packaging

By implementing a Bluetooth low Energy, NFC or RFID connection between packaging and an app, you are ready to enter a new world of marketing and consumer interaction. This can drive value, compliance and personalization. For example, customized alerts for pain relief products.

decorative jars, dispensers and containers

Packaging makes the difference. Finding the right product on the shelves or in the internet is not easy. We know how to make sure, that you stand out. Functional and decorative packaging will ensure, that people are willing to (re)-buy your product and feel good directly after the purchase.

resealable packaging

Functional design allows to reuse the packaging often. Our solutions for jars, dispensers and containers are ready to be resealed or even refilled many times. This makes your brand sustainable and durable.


Packaging solutions from Seidel offer a supreme look and feel. Our production lines are working automatically and offer high precision for millions of items. Special decoration technologies ensure that your products are not imitated, and your customers do not suffer from cheap counterfeits.


As a manufacturer we devote ourselves to sustainability. As early as 1989 Seidel was rewarded with Environmental Awards from the state ("Umweltpreis des Landes") for its outstanding work in this field. We installed a very innovative and clean anodizing process to protect our drinking water safety. This shows that we began to think about our resources long before the topic became so popular in the global community. We do our very best every day to avoid waste and to consistently re-use and recycle.



Please tell us about your demand by using the following this Email-adress: customer.relations@seidel.de