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About us

For more than 180 years, Seidel has developed and produced high quality Aluminum design products with great attention to detail. In our range of activities, the cosmetics industry is our primary focus. Our core competencies are the formation of metal, the creation of modern surface treatments, and a vast range of decorating technologies. Forming, anodising, decorating, and assembling aluminum are quite complex processes that must be managed carefully from a logistic point of view. Therein lies one of our strengths.

Seidel has two production sites in the central Hessen province of Germany and our products are solely produced in Germany. There are two main reasons why "Made In Germany" remains so attractive: first, because of the high quality of our engineering, automation and workmanship and secondly, because of our commitment to the environment and sustainable business practices. After all, we wish to offer products with a positive sustainability.