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1830 Founded as a tin casting company in Marburg’s historic center

1900 Start of mechanization by apply steam engines

1912 Seidel is the first company in Marburg that works with electric light

1925 Seidel reaches a great productivity by producing 42,000 injected corks, which were designed and developed by Seidel.

1952 Seidel concentrates on the production of Aluminum parts for the cosmetic industry

1968 Seidel implements the first fully automated anodising line

1972 Herrmann Ritzenhoff takes over the company from the Seidel family

1992 Dr. Andreas Ritzenhoff becomes CEO and starts focusing on “time to market & innovation”

1996 To be closer to international customers, Seidel opens offices in Paris and New York

1999 Seidel opens a second plant for injection molding, assembly and decorating

2003 ISO 9001:2000 Certification

2004 Seidel opens a third plant for deep drawing, anodising, assembly and decorating

2005 Launch of new business model: “Seidel – living design”

2006 Opening of the R&D centre for innovative surfaces

2012 Certification in Energy management (ISO 50001)

2013 Building a second workshop in Fronhausen

2013 Construction of a modern logistics center 

2016 Opening of a Sales office in Sao Paulo

2019 Certification in Environmental Management systems (ISO 14001), Energy management (ISO 50001) and Occupational Health and safety Management systems (ISO 45001)