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Leadership guidelines

Our employees can count on their supervisors and senior management. The following principles apply:

All managers are to clearly communicate the goals of the company to each employee and to explain to the employee how each individual can contribute to the achievement of these goals.

Corporate Objectives: Profit, quality, service to the customer, and process efficiency.

Leadership through Setting Goals: All managers have clear goals for their departments and assign tasks and duties accordingly. They are to promote creativity, self-confidence and initiative in the employees and, by so doing, lead their staff to succes.

Leadership through Trust: We place confidence in our colleagues. We encourage each employee's potential and inspire a willingness to perform without micro-management.

Leadership through Recognition: Esteem, promotion and career evolution are based on professional and personal performance.

Leadership by Example: We encourage all managers to be loyal and supportive to their employees. Department managers are to be role models and demonstrate Seidel's values: respect, consistency, loyalty, integrity and performance.

Leadership through Feedback: We recognize the strengths of our colleagues and encourage them to use and nurture these strengths. We believe in offering positive feedback and to pass criticism fairly and constructively.

Leadership through Information: All colleagues are to be informed of the company's needs, current circumstances, and history. In this way, each employee is able to better understand their work and to better identify with the company at all levels.

Leadership through Perspective: Our managers are to put themselves into their colleagues' place in order to see the situation through the employee's eyes and instruct the employee based on this perspective. This encourages the empolyee to carefully re-think their impulses for the future and to modify towards the instructed approach.