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Core Competencies

Our core comeptencies are:

  • product development for and with our customers
  • aluminum formation via deep-drawing
  • surface refinement through anodisation and a range of decoration techniques
  • assembly of the total part
  • the packing of products in safe, reliable packaging
  • logistical expertise in using a resource-saving combination of processes

In developing new products, we combine the know-how of our experts in design, tool building, production, and quality. This is how we are able to fulfil the wishes of global design teams, package development and supply chain departments - by offering the combined experience and technical feasibility of our processes. Another core competence at Seidel is the ability to form even pure aluminium material to complex forms and shapes. We can combine multiple forming steps for our caps, closures, collars and jars. In addition to all of this, we have developed an expertise in brand building and brand management, the filling of finished goods, and even packing out the finished products into Point Of Sale packaging.