Produktion  Manufacturing  Fabrication 


Deep drawing

In our transfer presses we produce aluminum raw parts in several steps and in many every possible shape from of rolled aluminum plates. We produce more than 350 million raw parts per year. This process allows for very smooth surfaces and is one of our core competencies. Even the tools are 100% designed and constructed in-house. Thus we are able to address any problem within minutes, if necessary.


Injection moulding

In our injection moulding machines we produce plastic parts such as inserts with screw threads and transition pieces. As we produce aluminium and plastic parts in-house, we are able to synchronise both processes in the most efficient way. We have also created some highly attractive products made from only plastic.



In our assembly lines we combine aluminum and plastic parts. At this stage we also have an extremely high degree of automation and we effect a great deal of camera-assisted quality inspection. Here also, we design and construct the necessary assembly tools and tables in order to assemble 100% in-house. There is a simple reason to do this: We have achieved a great expertise for treating aluminum surfaces and thus we are ready to deliver immaculate products.