Oberflächenbehandlung  Surface treatment  Traitement de surface 

Surface treatment


Anodisation is a well-established method for sealing aluminum. At Seidel, we implemented full-automated anodisation lines half a century ago. The aluminum raw parts are covered with a precise aluminum oxide layer via an electro-chemical process. The anodisation allows for the creation of unlimited colours and shades as well as various surface aspects. In addition, anodisation creates a stronger resistant coating. Our determination to develop new surfaces led us to create new functions within the surface of the aluminium with a very environmentally-friendly process. Thus we add more than just shine to our Alu.


Sreen printing:

With our screen printing machines we can print extensive logos, artworks, texts and brand names to almost any surface.


Hot foil stamping:

Hot foil stamping machines allow us to press names, symbols and lines on different surfaces in a brilliant and shiny or even matte finish.



In tampo-printing we take the color from a silicone pad and press the image onto the surface to be decorated. This makes it possible to print logos and names even on curved surfaces or difficult to reach areas.


Laser engraving:

In using laser engraving, we actually remove a layer of anodisation. The original aluminum color shines through and the decoration has depth and texture.



Brushing allows us to create a special matte aesthetic to the surface of the aluminium by using brushes under pressure. We can add this effect to the whole surface or to only selected areas.